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Web servers, network operations before its

A successful Web site, apart from its own intrinsic design, graphic art and other important factors, the key is to run servers on your network. It is on the highway cars carrying your cargo in the run. Quality factors directly affect the result of running the car itself. So, when we provide the user with the server, be sure to take into account the interests of users can be guaranteed, while others are provided to your website server, also taking into account this important issue.
why servers are important issues? Because it other than weights affect your website ranking, also many factors involved, today, we'll talk about which servers are factors that can affect your site's ranking.
in General, we'll plan to do site, there must be a lot of thought to selecting an almost perfect space or server. Grass-roots owners in General, as there are no special requirements, General of the virtual space to meet. So we in purchase virtual space Qian, to shop around, to select price high of, certainly has, speed, and stable this is most important of! so we to purchase a virtual space is is effort gas of, price shoplifting not up, price low and fear virtual space of quality, really not to force!
I attempts to had purchase has a virtual space, it is 200 Yuan a years of, probably is 5G of collection rent space, at I purchase on no wants to too more, most main value of is it of capacity big, speed also can's. But regretted it after purchase, because I was in the early morning when Web site access speed is very slow, so the next day to ask customer service is the reason, under the question, customer service said it was because the morning may be the user in serious consumes CPU resources, may be collected, so speeds like a snail.
is a slow space access will not only affect the spiders crawl, but also affects the user's experience. If you're a Web site response times than 5-8 seconds when you may choose to close the page, thus causing loss of user and cause some reputational damage to the site. Speed is the key!
so I think when we are buying, first check the IP address of the virtual space run how many Web sites on the same server. This way we can go to Baidu search. Query Hou, you will a site for Baidu site, see these site of included volume how, see this site have was pulled hair,! this is important, because zhiqian I has a experience, is I where of server in the was while exists has more than 130 multiple site, and most of site are is cannot access or is was k of, also has a Baidu included volume is more than 20,000 more of, but is garbage station to of, also didn't had days this station on was Baidu pulled hair has! So I think with a IP address Shang of other website will serious effect you of website, this I deep has experience! if you can has independent IP address of that best has!
also has I think in purchase virtual space Qian, to consider good you website probably need how many of capacity, don't covet virtual space volume big, actually big capacity of virtual space does not necessarily good Oh, dang you of space capacity fast full of when, you can select upgrade space Oh, so in purchase virtual space Qian, Must own the reality of now!
said, for example, is on my Web site in the same IP more than more than 130 Web site, Baidu snapshot is not updated at that time, included does not move forward, sometimes reduced, only met big update the included page will move, other times there is no fluctuation. Because that more than more than 130 stations, more than more than 80 stations to be Baidu k, and some were unable to access, so this is Makin me directly, no matter how can I update and extension, Baidu did not respond to me! so remember to find a good virtual spaces.
the so-called "virtual" it is not virtual, it is a real technology, it is to take it seriously, not careless, it is also very fragile, need your care. The old saying goes: "we must first sharpen his tools" subject to the articles, I can give you some inspiration. BACK

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