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How to make your site known, how to site a more excellent, more suitable for the W3C standard and has a good user experience, the practical problem is that many Web site producers are, and everyone wants to know is would like to resolve the issue. webmaster ended in the long-term practice of the following, for everyone to explore the;
1. Understand the site's theme, clear site display in the content as well as most of the reports available for groups
wants to build a website, and is useful to the user of the site, site content and site features should be considered in the first place, what do users need? Quickly and easily find what they want? as a Web Designer in the whole design should focus on this aspect. If the user is not able to get what they want quickly, or your Web site is not easy, then this site is a failure. Users will be disappointed, and probably will never visit your website again. A small example: If you wants to do has a stock aspects of website, but website of font size are is 12px of Word, you wants to wants to, now retired home of elderly, stock of number is not a small number, even you of website content again good again incisive, they also impossible took with magnifying glass on with display see you of website's, results just let you loss has large of user.
2. reasonable color
for a Web Designer to design process is painful and joyful, what specifically to do the Web site, the more reasonable theme reflected through a selected color and layout process. Personally, if not do a string of personalized Web sites, color is not going to be easy. First, clear color. Color characteristics of industry is not very heavy, but people's perception of an industry that caused the industry associated with the colours, such as doing a guest instrument Museum website, of course, not red, why? is rooted in people's perception, because we think red is the color of happiness, thus and Penn does not match the instrument Museum. Used in science or technology-oriented Web sites like a blue well, pink in the feminine aspects of the site better. Second, auxiliary and dot color, a site the main color confirmation, also underpinned and dot color, accent colors adopted the same colors and adjacent colors. The same color is the main color to change their opacity, saturation, lighten or darken page from adjacent color is the main color adjacent colors on the color wheel, such as red and orange. Dot color and color difference, generally with more important contents in Web page or button, whose role is to attract users eyes, clear page giving the Visual fatigue, dotting the rational use, avoid the appearance of too much, or it will backfire.
good page layout page layout should grasp the elements are clear priorities, coordinate clean, respecting the user's Visual habits, rationally arrange content. First show what users want as much as possible in front of you, bearing in mind the potential user behavior. The saying goes: good memories than bad writing, when designing a Web site interface, we should use a pencil to sketch out the site layout sketches, achieve the desired results after using graphics software to create and modify. Details determine success or failure, among the design renderings, minimize the use of large blocks of color, highlight the navigation blocks are trenchant, to achieve the effect of coordination of clean and tidy. Like navigation article appropriate joined mouse effect; page line avoid chromatic aberration too big; profile shadow don't too obviously, vague best; appropriate illustrated; page section spacing size reasonable and unified; with level text style unified; respect daily physical characteristics reached realistic of effect (like light there variable bright, there slightly light, again as a article ribbons bypass a objects, transition at should slightly highlight and has subtle round angle shadow)......
Dang page effect figure making confirmed finished Hou, We will proceed to HTML pages produced.
4. page title and meta
page title and meta should follow basic sections and content pages, and not site-wide using a form of keywords may not add, has little effect on search engines, the head tags to avoid keyword.
5.H1-H6 label
page H1 tag can only be used once. On a Web site, Home, channel page, list page, H1 tags can be used for the site's name, channel name, list of names, but in the articles details page of a website, the H1 tag must be used in the article title. H2-H6 tags can be reused in one page, in order to comply with the hierarchy of the site.
6.CSS file
to import CSS files from the external link, write a reset CSS styles you use reset.CSS. Avoid using *{}. One style on one line, reduce file size, can be defined with a class ID defined for reduced use of, try to avoid using CSS for different browsers hack skill, not for it.
7. background image optimization
apart from the actual content of the Web site pictures using the framework, as defined in the CSS file, based on the actual, and background merge as much as possible, to increase loading speed. Best not to make a very small and very small picture tile a large range.
8.div+CSS layout, reduced page nested div + CSS layout for
aim is to reduce the page code, to make the site structure hierarchy, separation of content and presentation. Reduce the nesting is not search engine friendly, but also to reduce page size easy maintenance to modify.
9. optimize page js
to merge js files into one, reducing weapons circulation and excessive levels of reference, improve the speed of loading and running.
10. avoid dead links, and empty connection
to the user, if you click on an article that they want to open a "the page cannot be displayed", that will be how many sad things.
11. Appropriate text and graphics and Mao
don't fill your site with a picture, search engines in addition to get the ALT attribute, they could not recognize the picture. Picture plus, where appropriate, will help attract visitors to eliminate large text of fatigue.
12. Web images requirements
Web images with ALT attributes as well as the height and width properties, and don't compress pictures, ensure that the picture is displayed without distortion.
13. Test your website in different browsers.
in order to allow more people to view your website, use different browsers to test your page, make sure that your site can be up and running.
14. validated by W3C.
humble opinion, your expert pointed out the discussion Web sites do a better job.

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